Last Post For The Blogging Challenge

I had six comments for the Blogging Challenge.
The post Can You Crack My Code has the most comments because it is a guessing comment.
I like writting this post because it is the last.
I have nine teen widgets and I think its to much.
I have thirteen people overseas on my blogroll.

This post is for the blogging challenge.

What Happend To My Leg

On Thursday I had a sore leg. In the morning when I was getting ready for school, I tripped over on concrete and cut my leg. I could bend my leg because it was sore. I asked Mrs H if I could sit on a chair and she said yes. Now it is saturday and my leg is better and I can bend it.

Playing Chasings

At school I like to play chasings. I play chasings with Sharna, Shari, Keegan and Alexk. We play chasings in the middle of our school. Whenever I’m itt I always think of a plan. I am a fast runner so i am not usualy itt. I like playing chasings because I have fun.